SSIS-656 Fucking my naughty son's teacher

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Ichika Hoshimiya is an extremely beautiful and serious female teacher. Because the students in her homeroom were absent from school, Ichika Hoshimiya was asked by the class homeroom teacher to come talk to her family. She once came here, but because of the bad smell. The rottenness coming from the pile of garbage flooding the house made Ichika Hoshimiya decide to return. But this time the student's father came to open the door, so Ichika Hoshimiya could no longer return. Inside the house, the smell became stronger, causing Ichika Hoshimiya to go to the bathroom to vomit. Taking this opportunity, he immediately put aphrodisiacs into her water bottle. Ichika Hoshimiya did not suspect anything and drank that aphrodisiac. Ichika Hoshimiya's mind gradually became blank, and her body was extremely sensitive, allowing him to easily take over her body. From then on, Ichika Hoshimiya stayed here to live with him. , he continuously gave her all kinds of aphrodisiacs to keep her awake. And when his son found out, Ichika Hoshimiya officially became a sex toy for both father and son...