JUL-670 A special graduation gift from her stepmother to her son-in-law

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After graduating from university, Akira immediately left his family and moved to live in the school dormitory. During this time, his father also remarried another woman. He did not hate this stepmother at all, he was even extremely grateful that she always cared and worried about him, helping him forget the feeling of loneliness when living alone. Finally, the day of the graduation ceremony arrived. Because of work commitments, Akira's father could not come. Just thinking he would have to spend the important day of his life alone, suddenly in the distance, his stepmother was waving and smiling happily. They both went to celebrate, and the stepmother drank a lot of alcohol, so Akira had to take her back to the hotel. Just as he was about to leave, his mother held him back, gave him a passionate kiss and confessed her feelings for him. And the wrong love affair between the two took place from that moment on.